Susan Simpson

Consilience Asset Management
726 Exchange Street – Suite 505
Buffalo, NY 14210
Phone: 716.768.1108 X 210
Fax: 716.551.0054

Sue began her career as a Client Service Associate in 1998 with *Advest, Inc., where she joined the Consilience Asset Management Team. In addition to client support, she was also intricately involved in the operations of the Upstate New York Complex.

Sue is highly skilled in caring for the needs of our clients and their families, and tending to the day-to-day operational needs of our practice. She enjoys working in the financial services industry and building strong relationships with those she serves.

In her spare time she enjoys Pilates, spinning, country music and spending time with family and friends.

*Merrill Lynch acquired Advest, Inc. in 2006.