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QE to Infinity?

In our last report of the year we will expand on the unhealthy but persistent forces driving the financial markets. Can the markets continue to rise amidst the global headwinds facing them? Quite possibly. But, investors need to be vigilant, nimble and properly diversified to maintain their appropriate risk tolerance. As a reminder, if you [...]

By |December 2nd, 2019|Market Notes|Comments Off on QE to Infinity?

The Conundrum of Rising Recession Risks & Rising Stocks!

A conundrum it is… unless you recognize the power of the Fed. But can the Fed continue to print money and add to the national debt without consequence? We will delve into this question in this month’s report.  I hope you find this report instructive. .  

By |November 5th, 2019|Market Notes|Comments Off on The Conundrum of Rising Recession Risks & Rising Stocks!

Impeach the Central Bankers!

In this months report we will examine the challenges that face the world’s Central Bankers as they furiously work to solve problems of their own making. In doing so, investors are left hanging in the balance as the long-term and short-term fixes are diametrically opposed. The silver lining is that, if their actions of the [...]

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Quantitative Failure (QF)?

In this month’s report we will discuss the implications of negative interest rates and the ability of Central Banks to stimulate a weakening economy and stock market. This question may be answered in coming weeks as there is consensus building in the economic community that the Fed is poised to initiate another round of Quantitative [...]

By |September 3rd, 2019|Market Notes|Comments Off on Quantitative Failure (QF)?